100% cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) and 100% all natural Pacran® is the gold standard cranberry powder for urinary tract health. Derived from the whole fruit Pacran® delivers full spectrum cranberry with a standardized level of bioactive PACs as well as other key cranberry components such as phenolics, organic acids, fiber, fatty acids, proteins and sugars. A 500 mg daily dose of Pacran® has been:

• Awarded a health claim
• Clinically shown to support urinary tract health
• Clinically shown to reduce E. coli bacteria in vivo.
• Shown to provide ex vivo E. coli bacterial anti adhesion activity

Each production batch of Pacran® has been standardized to deliver the same level of key actives that were present in the samples used in Pacran®’s clinical studies.


Pacran® is 100% cranberry. No carriers, extraction solvents or flow agents are used.



To learn more, visit www.pacran.com or download our brochure here. You can also download the Pacran® white paper here or view this video.